2018 Top Kitchen Design and Cabinetry Trends for Toronto Ontario

2018 Top Kitchen Design and Cabinetry Trends for Toronto Ontario

Years ago, the kitchen was only hidden at the back of the house, where meals were cooked and dirty plates were washed. Fast forward today, the kitchen is already playing a more significant role in households. It is no longer just a place for preparing dishes, it’s also a focal point of a house that brings everyone closer together before the day starts and ends. Hence, it comes to no surprise why kitchen designs have changed a lot over the past few decades.


With the advancement of technology, modern kitchen designs have risen with the focus revolving in minimalist and simple concepts. And if you go here and there, you will also find bold and unique ideas popping out. By the looks of it, 2018 seems to be bursting with kitchen designs with a fair share of love and customization from their homeowners.

Now, do you want your kitchen to be left out in the old times? Of course, not! Make your kitchen look its best with these top kitchen trends in 2018 for Toronto, Ontario, to inspire you.


1. Clean Aesthetics

Modernization has greatly influenced home decors in the recent years and kitchen cabinetry and fixtures has not been spared. One of the most evident signs of this modernization wave is the adoption of clean aesthetics in the construction of kitchen cabinets. What’s more surprising is that it is believed that this trend will likely continue in the succeeding years.

Modern kitchen cabinets are basically free of intricate designs, which are common among traditional cabinet doors. They have these panel doors that have smooth edge profiles and clean lines, making them look neat and simple. The handles used don’t even demand too much attention. It looks as if all the clutter has been trimmed down to achieve a bare minimum.

These sorts of kitchen cabinets match modern-inspired kitchen designs since they complement other components perfectly, such as countertops, tables, and sinks.

2. Open Shelves

Often featured in home magazines, open shelves are also one of the design trends that have made their way to the kitchens of the homes in Toronto, Ontario. Though they aren’t really a must-have for modern homes, they have something special that just matches any sort of dinnerware or antique pieces you wish to display.

An open shelf does not have to be expensive. With proper organization and the use of the right kind of shelf, you can create a cutting-edge yet unique style for your kitchen.

In case you are in doubt about having open shelves, here are some benefits of open shelving that might just convince you. First off, open shelving introduces an airy and refreshing feel as it creates an illusion of wider space. That makes it a great choice for smaller kitchens. Another benefit or advantage of open shelving is efficiency. Because you can just see the items, you can easily grab what you need without having to spend so much time opening cabinet doors and checking them one by one. Last but not the least, open shelving has this aesthetic impact on your kitchen’s look and feel.

3. Trendy Yet Functional Styles and Preferences in Appliances

This year, it’s not only the kitchen that’ll receive a makeover. The appliances won’t let themselves be left behind.

One of the biggest and hottest trends for 2018 is the gray-toned appliances with dark metal finish. As you can see, stainless steel appliances have been ruling the market for quite some time now. Hence, seeing a different kind of finish is something every household would like to try.

Households also seem to be willing to play with a wider range of hues around the kitchen. They’re very much open to get rid of the ‘must-have’ appliances in reds and blues to give way to newer options, such as gray-toned induction cookers with separate single ovens.

Then again, as with most trends, aesthetics can be a problem. Homeowners want a complete kitchen makeover with these trendy appliances included, which results in a limited kitchen space and a more commercial look.

4. Ceramic Flooring

It is true that hardwood flooring is still a very popular option when it comes to kitchen floors. However, ceramic tiles are slowly getting more attention. Because of technology, ceramic flooring allows homeowners to choose from a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles, which is more customized and unique to every home.

One concrete example is the use of ceramic tiles that look exactly the same as hardwood flooring. Since ceramic can be transformed and designed to imitate various materials, from their texture to their looks, natural stone for instance, it is quite obvious why it’s becoming a popular choice next to hardwood. Not to mention, ceramic is also easier to maintain!

Now, if your concern is size, you need not worry, too! With ceramic flooring, the sky is the limit! You can cut it into different sizes, be it a smaller or a larger tile size. In addition, you can buy single plank tiles that look like real hardwood planks when laid down and arranged on the floor.

5. Smart Kitchens

kitchen-design-2Technology has hit 2018 really hard that it has not just entered the kitchen in forms of fancy appliances and gadgets. Today, there are kitchen designs with technology fully-integrated into every aspect – from the fridge, lighting, to the faucets. That is what we call smart kitchens.

Smart kitchens are equipped with motion sensors and other add-ons designed for convenience and ease of access. For instance, faucets come equipped with sensors that can detect the presence of hands underneath. With a single tap or just by putting your hand under the faucet, water will automatically drip and flow.


Refrigerators also have this feature, where you receive alerts and notifications, once the grocery items are running out. Lighting systems, on the other hand, allow you to control the lights, using your mobile device like tablets and smartphones.

6. The Use of Delicate Pastels

Colors play an essential role in the kitchen design trends for 2018. In this year, delicate and pretty pastels have made their way, injecting a bit of fun and color into the kitchen.

Households that want to create a unique yet brave look use bold colors to create a dramatic contrast. And then, to highlight and create a certain wow factor, pastels in yellow, pink, green, and blue are used.

7. Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been a trend in bathroom designs for years now. But did you know it works in the kitchen as well?

The good news is that the Terrazo is a trend that is readily available for everyone. Anyone can just go out and buy the materials and fixtures required. You just need to work with a craftsman for planning, especially if you want to have a seamless large installation on the countertop or floor. But if you don’t want to get yourself involved in the process, you can contact companies that use the same technique.

One of the selling points of this kitchen design trend is the customization option it offers. You can have it in pretty much any color or pattern you want. That means if you prefer something with pastel colors or you want to be bolder with your color selections, you can make it happen.

8. Streamlined Textures and Designs

Although mid-century and farmhouse kitchen styles are still preferred, more and more homeowners are opting for more streamlined options, particularly in their design and material choices. After all, 2018 is all about simplicity.

Upper wall cabinets are slowly being removed to give more room for other functional appliances and make an illusion of a brighter and larger space. Also, the use of these sorts of cabinets also allows you to make good use of countertop spaces.  

When we talk about streamlined designs, they don’t have to be boring. As long as the materials used are considered, then a kitchen can be transformed from boring to wow.

9. Effective Storage Solutions

One of the major problems when it comes to kitchen cabinetry is the utilization of so much space. Sad to say, many kitchen drawers and shelves are structured in such a way that a lot of space is wasted. Even worse, the available space left is too small that it is already very impossible to organize your kitchenware efficiently.

Kitchen storage is one of the most important foundations of a modern and functional kitchen. If it fails you, endless challenges and frustrations await you. In order to overcome these storage issues, smart homeowners are now looking for efficient storage solutions within their kitchen cabinets. They try to get appliance garages to keep small appliances intact. They also use drawer dividers to separate utensils and cutlery.

10. Under Cabinet Lighting


Incandescent bulbs are too traditional. That is why homeowners are now making a switch to LED lighting, which provides a much better lighting at a very reasonable cost.

Because LED lighting lasts longer, it has become a popular addition to cabinetry. Underneath cabinets, LED lights in various forms are installed. When fixed underneath cabinet walls, they improve the overall aesthetics of the cabinet, making it more visible and bright.

Of course, there are other lighting options you can use aside from LED. There are fluorescents that are equally energy efficient. Xenon lights are also practical options, but they tend to produce dimmer lights.



This year, it is obvious that the trend is towards customization. When it comes to color, texture, and overall aesthetic, homeowners want to add a personal touch that is unique yet practical.

As you can see, kitchen design trends come and go. While some just pass, other kitchen design trends will last. It’s up to you whether or not you embrace them. Well, if you’d ask us, we’d say you take your time to think and seek the advice of professionals, such as Wooden Woodworking. We are an established cabinetry contractor backed with over 50 years of experience.

Now, if you are planning to build, improve, or remodel your kitchen this year, which trend will you go for?

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