5 Handy Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

5 Handy Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

Handy-Kitchen Cabinet Care TipsDon’t have money and time for a complete kitchen remodeling project? We suggest you clean your kitchen cabinets first to know if a remodel is needed.  

Regardless if you are transferring to a new apartment or you are just in the mood for some spring cleaning routines, knowing how to properly take care and clean your kitchen cabinets can save you lots of energy, money, and time in the long run.

By following our handy tips below, you should learn what products should be used and avoided, how frequent cleaning should be done, and how to reduce your overall cleaning time.

1. Start by emptying and organizing your cabinets.

organizing your cabinets

If you really want to create a major impact in your kitchen cabinet cleaning experience, you have to empty out every item from your cabinet. That way, it would be easier for you to reorganize your  kitchen items..

Before you return them back to their places, make sure you wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. When you do this, you will realize and discover some handy items and get rid of those that are no longer functional. Thus, at the end of the day, you can ensure that your cabinet space is well-organized and the things you need will be easier to find.


2. Use all-natural cleaners.

Use all-natural cleanersWhen it comes to using cleaning products, you need to be extra careful. Keep in mind that these products will be in contact with your dishes and utensils, which you will be using for eating. Therefore, it is important that you use cleaning products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Yes, you can use all-purpose cleaners, but you have to check if there are toxic ingredients used in them. Read the labels first before buying. If possible, test the cleaner in one spot and observe if it doesn’t damage the cabinet’s surface.


In the event that you don’t have any cleaning product on hand, create one using liquid dish washing soap and warm water. Though the solution may not be that strong, it can get rid of dust, grease residue, food, fingerprints without damaging a cabinet’s finish.

3. Clean the exterior.

Clean the exteriorRegardless whether you have a commercial or a custom built-in kitchen cabinet, chances are, there are dust and dirt that have built-up in some hidden spots. From plastic laminate to wood to metal, these finishes may be cleaned with a solution made of warm water and soap. Just make sure that after using the solution, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and then dry cloth.



4. Clean the interior.

Clean the interior


If you will be cleaning your cabinet interiors, it is best that you begin with the top portion of the cabinet. Wash the shelf with a mild detergent and warm water to get rid of dust and dirt. If there are residues and crumbs, vacuum the cabinet first and then wipe it down.  




5. Observe a regular cleaning schedule.

regular cleaning scheduleAfter you clean your kitchen, you might want to clean it again in the future. Don’t worry though. It’s only the first cleaning that takes the most time. As long as you observe a regular cleaning schedule, it will be easier to remove grease, dirt, and fingerprints.

It is true that cleaning kitchen cabinets take patience and time, but if you know how to do it the right way, you can definitely preserve the quality of your kitchen cabinets. Trust us!  

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