How to Choose a Custom Cabinet Maker to Work With

How to Choose a Custom Cabinet Maker to Work With

Custom Cabinet MakerSo, you’ve been planning and saving for this moment for quite some time now and finally, you are ready to have a custom cabinet at home.

Regardless if it is for the kitchen, basement, bathroom, or bedroom, custom cabinets sure have something special that transforms a room. It is for that reason why choosing a custom cabinet maker is just as important as hiring a custom cabinet designer.

Of course, you’d want to work with a company that is backed with years of experience and is knowledgeable about the craft. However, these added tips will make finding a custom cabinet maker in your area a breeze:


1. Find a custom cabinet maker you are comfortable working with.

Find a custom cabinet maker

If you have no idea about custom cabinet making, you might need to be educated and guided in the process. Thus, find a reliable custom cabinet maker that will explain what your options are and help you in visualizing your design.

2. Check the past works of the cabinet maker.

past works of the cabinet maker

A credible cabinet company must have a portfolio or a collection of photos of their past work. It can either be printed out in paper or a gallery of photos on their website. By checking on their previous projects, you will have an idea what the company is capable of creating and help you decide on the cabinet style you want.

3. Ask for referrals and read testimonials.

cabinet maker referrals

If the company has a website or a social media page, it may be a great idea to read testimonials and reviews left by their previous clients. You may also want to check if they are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and other associations in the same line of work. These groups can give you a better idea if the company you are about to deal with is credible or not.

4. Visit their showroom.

custom cabinet company

A custom cabinet company must have a showroom for displaying custom cabinet options. You have to be welcomed here and be entertained. If there is a staff assigned, he or she should be able to answer your questions and attend to any of your concerns with passion. He or she has to be an expert in the custom cabinet industry. You’ll know if the staff is really passionate about his work if he enjoys talking about cabinets.

5. The staff must not be desperate.

dream custom cabinets

We understand that the job of the staff assigned in the showroom is to convince us to choose them and let them make our dream custom cabinets. However, they should not be very desperate to the point that they will push you into dealing with them as soon as you step into the showroom. An ideal custom cabinet maker is someone that will let their work do the talk. They understand that a custom cabinet is a major investment for most of us, so they won’t put you into a situation where you will feel pressured.

6. The costs are explained upfront.

custom cabinet costs

A good custom cabinet company is upfront with costs. If something costs more, they will let you know. They will also suggest other better options if you don’t like it. For instance, if you choose to include a glass door in your cabinet, they will tell you that doing so will likely increase the overall costs.

Take our tips!

Remember that it is a custom cabinet that you will want to make. Therefore, your thinking should be: to find reliable and exceptional custom cabinet makers near me. But hey, relax! As long as you stick with our tips, you should be on the right path. If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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