How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets the Smart Way

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets the Smart Way


Organizing kitchen cabinets is such a difficult thing to do. It seems like a secret that seems to be hard to discover. However, while you’re spending so much time on how to perfectly do it, there are actually smart ways to organize your kitchen cabinets, without having to constantly bend over or reaching for them over your head. Here’s how:




1. Use storage containers.

storage containers

A product’s packaging isn’t always your best friend, especially when you want to make the most of your cabinet space. That is the reason rectangular or square storage containers really help. With these containers, you can easily store cereals and stack them neatly. The same applies to biscuits and other condiments. Whenever possible, transfer your goods to containers to make it easier to stack them and so you can see what’s inside.


2. Use drawer organizers.

drawer organizers


If a product’s packaging is giving you a headache, then a drawer organizer might just ease the pain. Just make sure you use these organizers wisely to avoid cluttering stuff inside the cabinets and drawers.



3. Set a specific function for each drawer, shelf, or kitchen cabinet.

specific function

Do you usually store your condiments in different cabinets? Are your canned goods all over the place? It would be best if you can assign a specific function to every drawer, shelf, or kitchen cabinet. What we are saying is, for instance, you can set one drawer just for cooking utensils. Another one might be dedicated for baking pans and dishes. Although it may take time to find out which setup works best, it’s still worth the time.

4. Put the most used items within easy reach.

easy reach cabinet

Regardless of what you always do, always position your frequently used items just within easy reach. For example, if you use a frying pan every now and then, do not put it on the bottom of the stack. The lesser the need you have to reach, the faster you can get things done.

5. Hang small items on your cabinet doors.

cabinet doors

Many of us disregard the space on the inside of our kitchen cabinet doors. So, change your mindset and start taking advantage of these spaces. You can use them to store smaller items by putting hooks on the door. Then, hang pans and pots there. You may also put cooking utensils there if you want for easier reach. If space permits, you may put a tiny basket inside the door to store sponges, rags, and other smaller stuff.


6. Hang items with odd shapes.

Hang items

You need not stack everything in the kitchen cabinet. Sometimes, you can maximize your storage space by simply hanging items with odd shapes. If there is still ample space at the top of the cabinet, you can place hooks there. That way, you will have space for hanging pots and bulky items, and free up the bottom of the cabinet.

7. Have a reliable and durable step stool on hand.

durable step stool

Lastly, you have to keep a durable step stool in the kitchen. You will need it from time to time to reach the items that are stored at the top of the cabinet.  




Do you already have an idea on how to organize your stuff in the kitchen? Let us know if the comment section below.

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