The Different Types and Styles of Entertainment Units

The Different Types and Styles of Entertainment Units

Entertainment Units

For most of us, we consider our living room as the focal point of our house. It is where we gather for movie nights, watch home videos, and enjoy our favorite daily TV show with our loved ones. It is for that reason why choosing the right TV and entertainment units become a daunting and challenging task.

Don’t worry because we are here to help you. Below, we listed everything you need to consider when choosing TV and entertainment units. Hopefully, this can make the task of searching and choosing easier.

Entertainment Unit Types

Entertainment Unit Types

What most of us know is that an entertainment center already includes everything, but the truth is, it is only a unit. Here are other units that make the living room a cozy and fun portion of the house:

1. Entertainment Centers

Otherwise known as wall units, entertainment centers are huge furniture pieces that hold and surround the television. They usually contain shelves, cabinets, and drawers that can be used for storage of media and gaming components, as well as DVDs. They can stand as tall as 72 inches and their width also varies depending on the design.

Entertainment centers are available in a wide assortment of designs and colors to match any home décor. However, because of their size, entertainment centers are often very expensive.

2. TV Stands

Also called TV consoles, TV stands are among the simplest pieces of entertainment furniture. In general, they feature storage spaces for games, DVDs, and other media components.

TV stands can either be mounted to the wall. They can also be positioned in one corner. Because they come in different designs, they work well in any room, regardless of the size.

3. Media Chests

Media chests are simple and slender units that do not consume much floor space. They are used to hold the television and some other accessories, too. Because they use vertical space, they are ideal for small spaces.

In some cases, they are compared with tall dressers. However, they actually differ because they have shelves that make storing different items a breeze.

4. Entertainment Fireplaces

Entertainment fireplaces are becoming more and more popular these days because they serve a double purpose. Not only do they work as a TV stand, they also serve as a fireplace.

The shelf for the TV is often above, while the fireplace is placed below to add heat and a bit of personality to a living space.

Entertainment Unit Styles

Entertainment Unit Styles

You will definitely find an entertainment unit that matches your space because your options are endless. To be able to choose an entertainment unit, you have to consider your room’s style, so the designs won’t clash. In addition, if you are using wood furniture in your space, make sure you select a unit that matches the pattern and shade of the wood.

Here are some of the most popular entertainment unit styles today:

  • Contemporary Units – They are usually made of glass or metal, which make them easy to clean. They are easily distinguished for their crisp and clean lines.
  • Traditional Units – These entertainment units are often made of wood. Their most distinguishable features are the top crown moldings and the turned legs.
  • Cottage Units – They are made of a lighter kind of wood and have a painted finish.
  • Modern Units – Like the traditional units, they are also made of wood, but they have this unique, modern touch.

Now that you have an idea about the styles and types of entertainment units available, it’ll be easier for you to make a choice. Just remember not to be deceived by extra low prices, unless you want to spend more for maintenance in the long run.

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